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The Menu


Grilled Cottage Cheese Burger

Soft and smooth cottage cheese patty with ice berg lettuce, tomatoes and sprinkled with herbs. Whole wheat buns, served with yogurt dip & sweet potato wedges.

Evening Snack

Protein Poha

Poha sauted with peanuts, green peas, spring onion, mustard seeds, coriander, herbs and spices. This is packed with protein with a tasty crunchy touch.


Grilled Cottage cheese skewers with mustard sauce and rice

Cottage cheese grilled in harissa, herbs, lime, exotic veggies and served with brown rice on the side.


Shashlik Paneer Tikka

Our ajwaini paneer shasilik tikka is marinated deeply for hours grilled with onion & pepper & served with mint chutney.

Evening Snack

Spices Roasted Makhana

Great instant snack! Roasted and tossed with chef special herbs and spices for a mouth-watering flavour.


Grilled Tofu with black pepper sauce and rice

Delicate grilled tofu tossed with black pepper sauce and exotic veggies is served with a portion of brown rice on the side and garnished with herbs on top.


Soya Chaap

Soft and smoky soya chaap, marinated with fresh curd, spices and garlic till perfection then grilled on the tandoor and served with love with mint sauce on the side.

Evening Snack

Italiano Tomato Basilico Soup

The flavour of tangy tomatoes and soothing basil down your throat will relax your senses and calm your body.


Fussli Con Feta Ala Sicliana

Fusilli cooked in our special red sauce tossed with assorted veggies are cooked with garlic, basil leaves and tomato sauce, fused with whole wheat pasta.


Lean MuscleSalad

Boiled chicken and eggs, tossed with spring onions, pepper, roasted almonds and lettuce. Hint of black current and herb dressing.

Evening Snack

ParaFit Fries

Sweet potatoes finely sliced into long pieces baked till perfection, tossed with herbs and sprinkled with red chilli flakes and served with fresh yogurt sauce dip by the side.


Char Grilled Chicken with Red Wine jus

Juicy chicken breast, deeply marinated with garlic and herbs, tossed with red wine and brown sauce and sautéed with herbs.


Non-Buttery Butter Chicken with Chapati

Deeply marinated chicken with herbs and spices is cooked with our own special ingredients for a guilt free butter chicken experience.

Evening Snack

ParaFit fries

No we don’t serve fries- we serve “sweet potatoes”, finely sliced into long pieces baked till perfection, tossed with herbs and sprinkled with red chilli flakes.


Char Grilled Murgh Tikka

Juicy thigh chicken marinated with garlic curd and spices. Tikka lovers get used to fooling your taste buds with healthy tikkas.


Para-Styled Chicken Caesar

low-fat Caesar dressing tossed with herbed red peppers, bread croutons, ice berg lettuce and juicy chicken breast sprinkled with parmesan cheese will leave you wanting for more.

Evening Snack

Protein Poha

Poha sautéed with peanuts, green peas, spring onion, mustard seeds, coriander, herbs and spices


Grilled Chicken Stuffed with Mushroom and Olives

Juicy grilled chicken breast marinated with herbs and spices is delicately stuffed with mushrooms sautéed in garlic and olives. Dressed with balsamic vinegar and served with exotic veggies on side.
Exclusive one-day trial of our diet
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An exclusive one-day trial of our diet and meal subscription plans to give you a hint of what you’ll get to eat on your 30-day/15-day diet plan

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Delectable recipes curated precisely to keep you satisfied the whole day and to meet all your major macro and micro nutrient requirements.

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ParaFit How It Works 15 Day

Browse our 3 one-day menu options.


Choose your option, checkout and pay.


Get Your Personal Diet

All 3 meals will be delivered fresh and hot right at your doorsteps the next day.


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